Bellatrix Black (black_tricks) wrote in causing_mayhem,
Bellatrix Black

Library - early evening

Bellatrix scowled at the parchment in front of her, willing the essay on the importance of Charms safety to write itself. After a scuffle in the hallway yesterday involving a second-year Hufflepuff and a sixth-year Slytherin, Flitwick apparently felt it necessary that all of his students be reminded that his lessons need not be practically applied. At least, not in the halls. She personally thought it served the Puff right to be taught a lesson about running into the upperclassmen, but unfortunately her stuffy teacher was head of Ravenclaw and had that whole sense of 'everything is fair'. BS, in Bella's book. This paper was so not fair. Dipping her quill in the inkpot, she got started as the small clock on Madame Pince's desk announced, "Six-thirty."

She wondered how long she'd have to herself before half of the school was in here doing the exact same thing she was.
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