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Open To (whaddya know?) James!

Lily was depressed. And that was not often.

The common room was warmed by the enormous crackling fire, and illuminated her face, redrimmed eyes and all.

She had confined herself to her dormitory for most of the week, leaving only for classes. She was genial and perky at mealtimes, sitting with her friends, but she was not a happy girl.

She snuggled deeper into her pajamas, sitting on the couch in the common room, enormous potions book open on her lap, the occasional tear falling onto it's pages. Her dark red hair was tousled, she looked really a mess.

Before this, she would have been horrified to have been seen in her red and gold flannel pajamas, slippers with the gryffindor lions rearing magesticly off of them, and her gryffindor beanie over uncombed locks, but now she really didn't care.

She nestled deeper into the potions book. Studying took her mind off him. James.
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