Andromeda Black (chainedprincess) wrote in causing_mayhem,
Andromeda Black

It was just a few weeks until school was over and Andromeda was getting desperate. The majority of her close friends would be graduating, and moving on with her their lives including Ted, and Sybill. Andi had to do something before it was too late. She couldn't just sit around and wait for her life to fall apart. She walked into the crowded dinning hall and looked around. Standing on her toes, she look over the crowds of people searching for a bit of curly brown hair. Andi was caught off guard when someone bumped into her and she fell forward. She reached out her hands and grabbed into the first person she could find so she wouldn't land on the floor.
"sorry" she mumbled as she looked up to see who she had landed on and more importantly who had knocked her over.
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