Andromeda Black (chainedprincess) wrote in causing_mayhem,
Andromeda Black

Hogsmede Weekend

The next Hogsmede weekend had finally arrived, and Andi had been looking forward to it for days.She pushed her way through the crowd on the way to meet Sybill at her favorite dress shop. She had spent all week trying to barrow a white dress, but the few that she did like didn't fit. She had finally decided that she'd just buy herself and Sybill a new dress on the way to meet Ted. It would be the last thing she spent her parents money on. After today, she'd no longer be a black. She was on her own and she'd no longer be able to waste her money on fashionable over priced clothes. Her hand shook as she pushed open the door to the dress shop and began to quickly look through gowns.
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