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Future Death Eater Meeting: OTA

Alaya was not happy. Firstly, she was walking down towards the dungeons, a place she could not stand to be in, except for classes. Secondly, it was for a secret meeting that would get them all expelled and worse if they were caught. And thirdly, she was freezing cold. With a slight sigh, she reached the first door and opened it quietly. It was deserted.

Taking up a place in the front of the room, Alaya sat and waited for the first to come.
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Bellatrix sauntered down the hallway with her chin held high, disregarding the advice to travel with a partner and particularly pleased that she hadn't told her fiance about this little meeting. If he got the note and came, good for him. If he didn't, well, that wasn't her fault. She had no plans on telling him anything about her Lord unless he expressed some interest in the goings on (he hadn't yet) or her father told her to (the man hadn't told her whether or not the Lestranges were already Death Eaters or not).

In the dungeons, Bellatrix found the assigned room and entered, closing the door quietly behind her. "Good evening, Alaya," she said smoothly, seating herself on a desk towards the front of the room, resting her feet on the chair.
"Good evening," said Alaya quietly. She watched Bellatrix settle herself for a moment before observing, "You didn't bring anyone with you?"
Bellatrix looked up at her, voice flat as she replied, "Yes. I'm hiding them all in my robes." She paused for a beat and continued, "No, I didn't bring anyone. I assumed everyone would have gotten your message, and nobody looked to be leaving the Common Room when I was."

Busying herself with quickly twisting her hair up into a loose bun, Bellatrix did not speak for a few more moments. Then she said, with a little sigh, "I did owl Narcissa to remind her. She's probably just - distracted - with Lucius." The way she said 'distracted' was clearly implying that distracted was not at all what Narcissa was when with her fiance.
Alaya's lip curled disdainfully at Bellatrix's cheeky remark. If there was one thing she absolutely could not stand, it was being talked down to, even if it was by the intimidating figure of Bellatrix Black. "You might have encouraged them a bit," she said nastily. Or else, what use are you? "I wouldn't expect either of them to miss this meeting."
"It's not in their nature to miss such things," Bellatrix replied coolly, as if she didn't notice the venom in the younger girl's voice. "And if nobody shows up soon, I will be encouraging quite a few of them with quite swift results," she said, the corners of her lips twitching upward into what became a wicked smirk. With her right hand, she stroked the inside of her left arm. The Dark Lord, after all, had entrusted her with a little secret. She had yet to try it out, though. It had been told to her on the night of her Becoming, when she had been told to gather those in the school. Well, she'd gotten a few, hadn't she? This meeting... being asked to direct it was both an offence and a blessing. She knew that Alaya didn't have will to meddle closely in affairs that so desperately needed meddled in. So this was, all in all, a very large window of opportunity.

Provided, of course, that the others showed up at all. If they didn't, they would feel the pain of their mistake...
Peter hadn't been this nervous since his first transformation into a rat. But this time, he wasn't just breaking school rules. He was throwing himself into the lion's den. Or rather, the snake pit, he thought anxiously. He could feel beads of sweat forming on his forehead, and prayed that he wouldn't meet any of his Gryffindor friends. Or better yet, no one. Luckily enough, he reached the dungeons without passing anyone except Peeves, who was too busy writing a rude message on a classroom door to notice the seventh year. His heart pounding, Peter twisted the door handle on the first door and opened it.
As the door opened, Bellatrix looked up, expecting to see - at the very least - her fiance. Possibly the last person she logically expected was Peter Pettigrew, the Gryffindor with no roar. However, her face showed no surprise as she greeted him, beckoning for him to come in the whole way. "Good evening, Pettigrew. Do close the door behind you - it's drafty enough down here already." A polite smile hid her puzzled thoughts. If Peter had received a message, that meant that he was on the Dark Lord's side. Yet, he still hung out with the greatest annoying trio of all time - James, Sirius, and Remus.

A light when on in her head. Those three were staunch supporters of Dumbledore. If she got their little friend on her side...
Alaya kept her surprise from her face when Peter entered the room, replacing it with a rather icy look instead. What is he doing here?, she asked herself. I sent out that message to only those interested in the Dark Lord's work. Something was very wrong.

She shuddered as Bellatrix smiled at him. It made her look as if she were about to bite someone. Very unbecoming. And why was she welcoming a Gryffindor or, even worse, a Marauder into their meeting?

She shot the older girl a quizzical look, hoping she would get the message.