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Let The Games Begin!

Marauder Era Role-Playing Game
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This community is closed, as of September 1st, 2005

Hello and Welcome to a new Marauder Era: Role-Playing Community

Basically, here's what's going to happen- Applications will be sent in from June 1st-September 1st

Then the community will be closed, unless there is special circumstance.

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The game is going to start at the beginning of seventh year, and we'll see where it goes from there.

RULES (Yes, we have to have them)

1. We do accept Original Characters, now that the Canon characters have been filled. (If there are any Canons you would like to play, you can apply as them instead.) We are looking for well-written OCs. Any Mary-Sues will be eaten by Mod #2.

2. No Slash.

3. If you are accepted, you must post at least once a week. After the game starts, of course. If you haven't posted for two weeks, and you have not excused your character in some way, you will be sent a letter and will have three more days to respond. After that, your journal will be deleted from the game.

4. Please for the sake of the game, if you take on one of the major roles, PLEASE do not abandon it.

5. Please put this at the end of your application as proof that you've read through the rules. "I am a porcupine."

6. No netspeak. I think this is a given, though. And hooray for good grammar and spelling! ;-)

7. Nothing NC-17 in this journal. At highest, make it light R and it MUST be under an lj-cut.


About you-

Name (only first):
Personal LJ:

About your character (the important part ;-)):

For Canon characters, please look up your stuff :-)



Bio (We're looking for detail here. Basically, you're writing everything you can possibly think about your character. This includes: personality, appearence, family life, likes/dislikes, fears, etc. For an example, go see one of the existing journals.)

Please try to make your Bios well thought-out.

You are also going to need:
A personal livejournal for your character
A screen name for your character

We would like to know what you plan to have as the name of these when you apply.

CHARACTERS: (If there are any Canon characters you think should be added, please tell us)


7th Year

James Potter- fulltime_chaser
Sirius Black-
Remus Lupin- fightingthemoon
Peter Pettigrew- squeakywhiskers
Lily Evans- radiantxredhead
Frank Longbottom-
Alice Howard- alice_howard
Elle Insontis- _innocent_lamb


7th Year

Bellatrix Black- black_tricks
Severus Snape-
Lucius Malfoy- smarmierthanyou

6th Year

Narcissa Black- blackxwithxenvy
Alaya Erianthe- sweetenedpoison

5th Year

Regulus Black- reggie_black12


7th Year

Rita Skeeter-
Sibyll Trelawney- predictafuture
Ted Tonks- teddytonks_
Keara Fenwick- keara_fenwick

6th Year

Andromeda Black- chainedprincess

5th Year

Marie Insontis- prefectblueeyes


7th Year

Amos Diggory- _amos_diggory_
Riley McGranahan- rileymcgranahan

6th Year

Nathaniel Webster-didyou_know

5th Year

Gilderoy Lockhart- _jeunesse_doree

Have fun :-)

Applications may be sent to Broadwaygirl333@aol.com, black_with_envy@yahoo.com, AND kmarie13@earthlink.net

~Your mods, _innocent_lamb, wicked_nobility, and blackXwithXenvy

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