James Potter aka Prongs (fulltime_chaser) wrote in causing_mayhem,
James Potter aka Prongs

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Open to *gasp* Lily!

It was growing dark outside when James Potter finally gave up and threw himself on a common room couch, ready to fall asleep if need be. Lily had never, ever stood him up before, and yet today...she was over an hour late, and James thought he could make a wild guess as to the reason. It was just getting to be too much. James considered himself a rather tolerant boyfriend. He understood Lily's need to get on with her life, and even liked the fact that she was so smart, it was a turn on, and it made him feel proud. But right now...right now ALL Lily did, every free moment, was look through the things he knew she was already completely familiar with.

He was only just beginning to drift off when the portrait hole opened for the first time in over thirty minutes. James didn't even bother looking up. He knew who it was. The sound of her shoes were unmistakable to him at this stage. And her hair still smelled of that nice shampoo she wore...which meant she'd gone off to study with it wet. He felt a surge of irritation and, not being able to think of anything nice to say, simply rolled over on his side and waited for her to come to him.
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