Riley Anne McGranahan (rileymcgranahan) wrote in causing_mayhem,
Riley Anne McGranahan

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OTA (Sirius would be cool, but I'm open to RPing with anyone. ^_^)

Riley sighed happily as she made her way down to the lake. She loved being outside. It was so refreshing after a long day of classwork. On top of that, she practically radiated happiness since the day that Sirius Black told her that he loved her. She could barely stop smiling. Upon reaching her destination, she sat down against a tree and looked out across the water. Hogwarts was one of the most beautiful places she'd ever been to, especially this time of year. A slight breeze blew through her hair and she closed her eyes. She was completely relaxed until she heard someone approaching. A jumpy person by nature, her eyes flew open and she was immediately on her guard. She turned, then smiled when she saw who it was.
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