Andromeda Black (chainedprincess) wrote in causing_mayhem,
Andromeda Black


And so it was confirmed that secrets did not exist at hogwarts. Andi knew her marriage wouldn't stay a secret long. That's why she never chose to lie about it, but rather put off the announcement until she could at least say good bye to her sisters. Bellatrix's owl had arrived only a moment before, and it confirmed what Andi already knew, she was no longer welcome in her own home, or in her own family, but it wasn't as bad as she had thought. At least she had gotten a reply, and at least her mother had tried to help her. She read over the letter one more time as she sat in her dorm. She knew Bella had a heart, and she knew that by marrying Ted she had broken not only Bell'a heart, but Narcissa's and her mother's too. Andi wiped away a few tears as she read the last sentence of the letter. Her sister pitied her, and she pitied her sister because in the end all Andromeda had lost were a few people who'd never really accepted her for who she was while Bellatrix had given up a loyal friend, one who'd loved her despite the bad choices she had made in her life. Though Andromeda would never stop loving Bellatrix she now realized there was no hope for her. Maybe there was still hope left for Narcissa. She quickly folded the letter and tucked it into her trunk before walking down the stairs into the common room and then out to the hall.
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